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modernizing your network marketing business with customization to build your biz, your way

The All-In-One Toolkit for Customized NWM Education

Right now your heart isn't in building your business, because it's more stress than fun, and you're ready to throw in the towel for good.

You sit down to work on your business and you instantly blank on what to do. So you scroll social media mindlessly day after day thinking you're building a business but your business isn't growing.

You're overwhelmed and pressured from corporate rank marketers and qualifications that you don't even want to show up anymore. What is showing up anyway? You don't even know anymore.

You don't feel like you're cut out for this and it feels so UNCOMFORTABLE to do the biz growing activities you're encouraged to do. You're ready to basically quit if things don't change.

You have invested in countless programs you've never completed and you're thinking to yourself "Kayla, I want to do this but I am worried things still won't change and this won't work"

Your issue? You are PERFORMING like a broadway artist that somehow got past the audition in your business, you're exhausted and your audience can tell you're being fake!

What is missing is knowing your Network Marketing Business MODE --- and once you know it, you no longer have to show up asking yourself, "How do I need to present so that people like me and buy from me?"  instead, you get to operate from your truest self and people happily toss their credit card at you to sign up!

What you need to do to build your Network Marketing business your way, no icky, no drama, is just one click away.

Mastering Our Destined Entrepreneur Style

The MODES Project has the only Assessment For Network Marketers that addresses one of the biggest contributors to failure in the direct sales space. You've been led to believe you have to change who you are to build like the top distributors.


With The MODES Project you get:

  • A customized innovative learning system with monthly content drops
  • No sleazy tactics or shiny object syndrome
  •  receive business development training based on your personality, your goals and your lifestyle
  • Support via our 3 tiered learning system: DFY - Done For You, DWY - Done With You, YGD - You Go Do so that new habits stick!

The MODES Project help YOU build your business, your way without getting sucked down a rabbit hole of hours of training that you DO-NOT-NEED to make money & have consistent sign ups.


What is Included:

For LESS THAN $1.25 a day...

You are immediately immersed into the customized community experience you've been asking for to limit distractions and maximize productivity. You get this awesome assessment that gives you a deeper understanding of who you are as an entrepreneur.

This annual membership format delivers customized actionable trainings meant for your business MODE, hands on support and the ultimate understanding of what it means to build your business your way.

Your Assessment is FREE when you join! (because we want you to get your hands on this juicy data IMMEDIATELY!)

What's inside The MODES Project?

+ Monthly Done With You Bite Size Trainings - customized for your MODE

+ Monthly Done For You Custom Network Marketing Biz Development Resources - catered to the goals and lifestyle of your MODE!

+ "Off Social Media" Personalized Training Platform - for less distractions

+ Monthly Business Growth Support Events -- Workshops, Power Hours, Guest Experts, Private MODE Chats & More that are tied to each MODE and exclusive to MODES Project members!

What our members are saying:

Why This Is A Necessity, Not A Luxury

Let's stop kidding ourselves. We're all different, and told "your uniqueness is your super power" but everyone is handed the same "Network Marketing For Dummies" Textbook and says "go do it!"

Like me for example! Yes, Hi, Kayla here... I've never wanted a downline of thousands and once I was honest and admitted that to myself, I was open to what building an online business could look like for ME, I was able to kick SO much bootay at product sales with residual income on autopilot.... as you can see the early stages of MODES began as far back as 2013.

The result of this ALL OR NOTHING mentality? People quitting left and right. People not working the business because they lack the support, clarity and direction to build the business that THEY actually want.

 The truth is, the 80% has never been completely catered to in business, until now.

The 80% haven't felt at home in building their business, until they jumped into The MODES Project.

Plus, lets address the elephant in the room. There are no shortage of gurus telling you to do THIS or THAT, but most of what their encouraging you to do doesn't apply to your business or how you want to build it, because they don't know your MODE

The MODES Project is removing the fluff, the sh*t the doesn't work and distractions by ensuring the content you see is meant for your eyes and your eyes only!

Whether your measure of success is recognition on stage this summer, or getting DMs from happy customers, to more IG followers than you could imagine and everything else in-between, We've got you!

Discover the Network Marketer You Truly Are

There are 5 business development modes for a Network Marketer --- and you never knew this until now and have likely been operating in a FALSE MODE this whole time! Not knowing yours, is part of the reason why you're stuck! Join the MODES Project today to remove the overwhelm, stress and confusion around building your Network Marketing biz your way!

For just $1.25 a day you get the data & resources you need and community you'll love!